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            Printing Technology

            Printing Technology

            Printing Technology


             > Printing Technology > Introduction

            一一Matsuoka Printing Company is on the cutting edge of the Printed Products industry.
            一一Matsuoka Printing Company can make the solutions to your exact Printing markets requirements so that you’re guaranteed an optimal solution upon which you can rely. We start by administering a step-by-step needs analysis which enables us to create a customized solution that is strategic and operational as well as “technical.” Unlike many other printed products providers who offer a spate of one-size-fits-all solutions, our in-depth, integrative understanding of printed products and business processes ensures you receive the outsourced expertise that’s right for your business – from our printed products Technology Support and Order Services to Products Consulting.


            Advantages for producing line

            一一As a professional printing company for many years, we’v purchased many Taiyo/Martin Rotary Printing machines and Heidelberger  Sheet Printing machines from Japan, Hongkong and Germany.
            Here’s our advantages to provide top high printing quality as following:

            1)Matsuoka Customized Taiyo/Martin Rotary Printing Machine:

            一一Our Taiyo/Martin Rotary Printing Machine carries out the process of engraving image onto image carrier in the name of intaglio printing. This printing machine makes use of rotary printing press and is widely used for various commercial purposes including cardboard packaging, printing of postcards and magazines etc… during this process, ink is directly applied to cylinder which is then transferred to substrate. A single printing unit comprises of the following components:

            A dryer
            Impression roller
            Doctor blade assembly
            Ink fountain
            Gravure cylinder (otherwise known as engraved cylinder) with varying circumference

            一一The major characteristic feature of this Rotogravure is its outstanding density range which makes it, the better choice for photography and fine art reproduction. This industrial printing mechanism is capable enough to deliver enhanced quality of printing experience. One can make use of this printing more efficiently in long-run magazines that exceed more than 1 million orders like furniture laminates, wall papers, advertisement inserts in newspapers,consumer packaging, catalogs for mail order etc…where one need great consistency and high quality.

            一一The additional advantage of this Rotary printing machine is its highly flexible packaging efficiency. Various substrates like BOPP, Polyester, Polypropylene and polyethylene which are available at varying thickness between 10 and 30 micrometers.  Various other appreciable features are:

            Very low cost running
            Unbelievably high volume of production
            Reproduction of excellent quality image
            Extended self-life of printing cylinders that can go through maximum runs without the problem of image degradation.
            Overall, this machine is one of the finest invention by man.



            2) Heidelberger Sheet Printing Machine:

            一一Matsuoka Printing company applied Heidelberger Sheet Pringting machine demonstrates one of its many sheetfed solutions at Print 01 with the CutStar sheeter, a unit that is perfectly tuned to the needs of the Speedmaster SM/CD 102 series. The infinitely adjustable sheet cutting length and high reliability in operation for stocks between 30 lbs book stock and 110 lbs cover stock weight sets the CutStar apart from other systems. Reel material offers printers potential savings of up to 20 percent over sheeted paper. Other cost-effective benefits of the CutStar lie in the ability to infinitely adjust sheet-cutting lengths to exact required measurements and to increase net productivity through highly reliable sheet feeding. This applies especially to lightweight papers and special printing stocks such as foils and aluminized paper. These benefits offer printshops more freedom in cost calculations by saving costs through increased productivity and lower pricing on materials. The technology The CutStar is installed in the press extension ahead of the sheet feeder and is bolted to the floor. This eliminates the need for costly rail structures, often used with other models, which can damage the structure of a floor. During the development of the CutStar, Heidelberg paid particular attention to provide the best solution to its customers through ease of use and maximum reliability in production. With the CutStar, the web is drawn over the nip rollers and dancer rollers to the cutting unit, which consists of a rotating upper knife cylinder and a fixed lower knife. The cut is made in line with the press operating cycle and is adjusted automatically to the operating speed of the press. The cut-off length can be adjusted infinitely between 15 ¨ú" and 28 ¨ü" by computer control. Once the cutting process is completed, the sheet is accelerated slightly and guided to a shingling unit. Here, the rear edge of the sheet is lifted so that the following sheet enters into the free gap. The stream of shingled stock thus formed is directed unchanged to the forwarding rollers in the feeder. In order to process sheets, the motor-driven cutting unit is removed from the feeder area laterally towards the drive side. Range of uses The CutStar is a particularly useful investment for general commercial printshops with sheet-reversal machines and label printers. These are areas of use that frequently need only a single pass. The sheeter is utilized to the full potential and maximum cost-effectiveness is realized.




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